Our Partnerships & Deals

Volastra seeks out partnerships and strategic deals that enhance and expand our existing capabilities with organizations that share our passion for advancing cutting edge science to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

In April 2021, Volastra entered into a partnership with Microsoft that complements both clinical and discovery efforts. Together with Microsoft, we are developing first-in-class, image-based artificial intelligence (AI) models to measure unique aspects of CIN in tumor tissues, supporting target discovery and development of novel biomarkers to guide patient selection.

In March 2022, we entered into a multi-target drug discovery partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb, a global leader in cancer therapeutics. This partnership centers around the exploration of chromosomal instability-specific synthetic lethal targets, representing a cutting-edge approach in the fight against cancer. Together with BMS, we are pushing the boundaries of scientific research to uncover innovative and promising avenues for harnessing chromosomal instability in the future treatment of various cancers.

In February 2023, the company completed a deal with Amgen to in-license their innovative KIF18A inhibitor, sovilnesib (formerly AMG650). This agreement provides Volastra with exclusive global rights to develop sovilnesib, providing a second and fully-differentiated KIF18A inhibitor adding to Volastra’s unique clinical stage portfolio targeting chromosomal instability.

In February 2024, we entered a partnership with Function Oncology, a next-generation precision medicine company. Leveraging Function’s CRISPR-enabled platform to decipher patient- specific drug target vulnerabilities, we aim to develop biomarkers that predict which cancer patients will be most likely to benefit from our KIF18A inhibitors.

In March 2024, Volastra entered a partnership with Tailor Bio, an AI-driven drug discovery platform for pan-cancer precision medicine. This partnership uses Tailor’s proprietary chromosomal instability (CIN) signatures to identify patients most likely to respond to our KIF18A inhibitors, with the goal of expanding the applicability of our therapies to a broader array of tumor types.

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