Short Circuiting Cancer's Chaos

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Who we are

Volastra is an NYC-based clinical stage biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and development of oncology therapeutics targeting chromosomal instability, or CIN, a key vulnerability of cancers. 


A hallmark of cancer, CIN refers to an increased rate of chromosome segregation errors during mitosis. The increased error rate drives structural and numerical changes in the genome which enhance heterogeneity. This heterogeneity gives cancer its ability to adapt and evade the body’s defenses and current medical therapies.
Chromosomal abnormality

Cancer’s unique vulnerabilities

For well over 100 years, researchers have considered the genomic chaos propagated by cancer cells’ abnormal chromosomes to be an inevitability of the cancer biology.

However, recent advances in science and technology have drastically changed our view of CIN. Simply put, cancer cells with chromosomal instability have key differences from normal human cells. We now understand that these differences are vulnerabilities unique to cancer cells that can be therapeutically targeted.

Chromosomal abnormality
CIN as a druggable target

At Volastra, we are building on the seminal discoveries of our world-class founders and scientific advisors.

Our pioneering research has allowed us to understand CIN and design new medicines for patients with a wide range of difficult-to-treat cancers.

drug development

Using our innovative CINtech research strategy, combining proprietary technology, screening techniques, and computational modeling, we are able to measure and characterize chromosome instability in unique ways. This allows us to identify CIN-specific targets matched with new biomarkers to help us select the patients that may benefit most from our therapies.

Existing data with
Volastra’s CINtech lens

We are also applying CINtech to leverage large oncology data sets of well characterized cancer specimens that have been created over the past decades. By using our proprietary insight as a lens through which to interrogate this vast amount of information in ways never done before, we are able to make novel discoveries around cancer cell vulnerabilities.

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Approaches to CIN-focused research

Our research seeks to exploit the vulnerabilities of chromosomally unstable cancers through two complementary approaches.

Synthetic lethality and immune activation.

Our synthetic lethality approach seeks to directly kill cancer cells by identifying targets that are required by chromosomally unstable cells for survival but not by normal cells.

Our immune activation approach seeks to indirectly kill cancer cells, by identifying targets that re-awaken the immune sensing of chromosomal instability, a process that is actively thwarted in cancer.

T-cells and Dendritic cells


Volastra seeks out partnerships and strategic deals that enhance and expand our existing capabilities with organizations that share our passion for advancing cutting edge science to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.