• Scientific Advisor

    PELS Family Professor, Rockefeller University


Tarun Kapoor, PH.D.

Dr. Kapoor is the director of the Pels Family Center for Biochemistry and Structural Biology and head of the Selma and Lawrence Ruben Laboratory of Chemistry and Cell Biology at Rockefeller University. He is a leading chemical biology researcher, focused on using chemistry-based approaches to decipher cellular mechanisms, such as cell division and cancer. His research has led to first-in-class drug-like chemical inhibitors for several targets, including molecular motor proteins, cell cycle and cytoskeleton regulators and ribosome assembly factors. He currently serves as a member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals, review panels for research funding agencies and advisory boards of biotechs and research institutes. He is also associate director of The Tri-Institutional Program in Chemical Biology. He began his career at Rockefeller University as an assistant professor and head of the laboratory of chemistry and cell biology. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in chemistry from Harvard University.