Andrew is a data engineer who is passionate about creating usable data streams to drive research and improve clinical outcomes for patients. Prior to joining Volastra, Andrew was a data engineer on the clinical connector development team at Arcadia where he built transformations to aggregate electronic health record (EHR) data for use in the Arcadia Analytics platform. Andrew began working with EHR data at ELLKAY, converting health records between EHR systems allowing medical practices to avoid vendor lock in. He got his start in software development working on process orchestration and analytics in the insurance and banking industries at Document Imaging Group. Before he was a software engineer, Andrew was a chemistry and physics teacher. He earned his M.S. in Chemistry from Montclair State University with research in reduced order modeling of amyloid beta fibril formation. He received his undergraduate degree from Montclair State University, having done research in protein dynamics and computational chemistry. Volastra provides a unique opportunity for Andrew to bring together both the science and engineering aspects of his career.